Six Steps to Purchasing the Ideal Engagement Ring

Engagement rings (and wedding rings, too) have long been a traditional gesture meant to symbolize an enduring love between two people. Traditionally, engagement rings were usually made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum but in recent years, rose gold has risen as a popular alternative. Whether you are shopping for rings at the best engagement rings store in Toronto for your own use or for someone else, there are six steps to buying the perfect ring. This will guide you through the process, from choosing the right design to making sure that you choose the right precious metal. Whether you are shopping for rings for yourself or as a gift, these steps can help ensure that you get a ring that is just right.

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First, you need to decide which type of metal to choose. Traditional engagement rings were often made of yellow gold; today, however, many people opt for white gold rings for their engagements because white gold is more durable and does not scratch as easily as yellow gold. However, if you are interested in a ring that can be given to a woman as a present, then platinum would probably be the best choice. Platinum also has a higher purity rating than white gold, which means that it is not only safer, but it will also last longer.

The next step to buying engagement rings is to select a particular style. While white gold and platinum engagement rings remain the most common, other metals can also be used. Platinum and yellow gold are particularly popular choices but you should also consider silver, titanium and stainless steel. Each metal is different and your partner’s skin should be able to accept the colors without causing irritation.

After you have decided on a metal, the next thing to consider is the setting. Traditional settings are still very popular but you can also opt for something more modern if you want a change. Modern engagement rings usually feature combinations of two metals, usually the traditional one and the new one, with a diamond setting at the center. You should bear in mind that if you want your ring to be timeless, then you should stay away from gold or silver, as the setting will need to be changed periodically over time.

best engagement rings store in toronto

If you want something a little different for your engagement rings, then look for diamond prongs or metal prongs. These are often made of gold or platinum and they will be a great addition to your ring. In addition, if you choose a prong setting, then it will be easy to conceal the wires that are running through it. Some people even prefer the simple metal prongs over the more elaborate gold and diamond ones.

Finally, the material of your engagement ring is an important decision. Traditional metals include gold and silver but these are losing their popularity nowadays. In addition, the introduction of a metal called “titanium” is likely to cause a further decrease in the popularity of these metals, as it looks very similar to gold. Titanium is said to be a far more cost-effective alternative as it is stronger than gold and yet is very light. Other metals which are increasingly popular are platinum, palladium and rhodium.

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