Replacing Doors and Windows For Summertime Energy Savings

When the warm summer days are long gone, the beautiful bay windows begin to show their age. This is not as problematic as it may seem when you look at the many benefits of replacing this part of your home with newer, more energy efficient models. Energy Star ratings are available for many products, and if you have a bay window you likely have one of these, saving you even more money on your energy bill in the summer months. Eco Choice Windows & Doors feels that you may also find that the benefits of the design make it the perfect addition to any home.

Eco Choice Windows & Doors

Bay windows and doors are one of the first choices people make when adding a room to their home. The appeal they have to the overall style of a home is hard to deny. Some of the most famous homes in history have been built around these types of windows, which makes them an iconic part of our culture. Now is the perfect time to make the switch from old windows to newer, more energy efficient models.

New construction always offers energy savings. The materials used are stronger, the seals and frames work better, and the systems are more reliable. This holds true for window placement as well. If you have your doors and windows located on the first floor, or if your home has a high roof, the heat from the sun and your home’s heating system will be reflected away from the glass and will dissipate into the air, rather than being absorbed and stored. If your windows are on the second or third floor, the heat will still escape, but it will be at a lower level.

Replacement windows can also offer other benefits. Windows with air seals will prevent heat from leaking out of the front of the house, which will reduce drafts and allow you to keep your heating and cooling costs down. These seals are typically made out of a special rubber called EPDM. It has been found to be very effective at preventing heat loss.

Eco Choice Windows & Doors

The seals on the glass also have a dual purpose. When the seal is broken, the window now lets in cold air from the outside. That cold air can cause your utility bills to rise because you are using more energy to keep your house warm. The new replacement window is also a deterrent for thieves who may see the window and know that it is an easy target. Many have been burglarized right from their windows. The new material will be difficult for a thief to break through.

There are many benefits of having a new window installed. Your monthly utility bill will go down, especially if you get a solar-paned window. Your windows give your home a facelift as well. They can also increase the market value of your property, which is why many are replacing their older windows for newer, energy-efficient versions. This summer, don’t wait to replace that old window with a more attractive and effective model.

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